Charlie D’Amelio’s Fans Are Divided When She Showed Her New Tattoos On Tiktok


TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio has officially unveiled his two newest tattoos on Instagram, but fans aren’t quite sure how to relate to the influencer’s latest tattoo.

Charlie D’Amelio is the second most popular TikTok content creator, who lost his first place back in June to another influential person, Habi Lama, after two years of unsurpassed popularity on the platform.

With over 148 million subscribers on the video-sharing app, Charlie has also made numerous brand deals (even got her own drink at Dunkin’ Donuts) in addition to participating in a reality show with her family, The D’Amelio Show.

As part of the new season, which began airing back in September, Charlie decided to show off some of her new tattoos, the process of creating which was documented in the last episode of the series.

On October 19, Charlie posted several photos on Instagram with a new tattoo. In the post, the word “rebel” is tattooed on her arm in simple letters, which fans consider a tribute to her beloved dog Rebel.

TikToker also has two wavy hearts on her wrist, but some of her fans aren’t quite sure how to treat them.

“I could have done it myself when I was drunk,” one user said of body art.

— And all this for this? another asked

“I still want to know what’s behind these ‘hearts,'” another joked.

Charlie D’Amelio Explains the Significance of Heart Tattoos Causing Controversy
In the show, Charlie explained that the hearts were drawn by both of her grandmothers and, thus, are another tribute to beloved family members.

In fact, Charlie has responded to criticism about her new tattoos in the show’s newest episode. “They were really dirty for a reason,” she said. “And I wanted them to be like that because I didn’t want them to be different from what they drew, so that meant a lot to me.”

However, there are just as many fans who absolutely love Charlie’s new tattoos, and her comments section is mostly filled with support from the TikTok queen.

These are also far from the first tattoos of the star; according to Charlie, she has 15 small tattoos in total, and she plans to do even more in the future.

Charlie wasn’t the only one who got a tattoo in the last episode of the D’Amelio show; in fact, her entire family went under the needle to get the little tattoos that matter to each of them.

D’Amelio’s show is broadcast with Charlie and her mother, Heidi, constantly appearing on Dancing with the Stars.


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