Charlie Bit My Finger: My Legend Video Went On Sale As NFT


Charlie Bit My Finger video that has become a cult is auction as NFT. Charlie Bit My Finger with more than 880 million views on the platform will begin to be listed on the 14th anniversary according to the press statement.

The video of the video said Charlie and Harry Davies-Carr brothers will begin on Saturday of the open increment. Auctions will take place online through

Will be deleted from YouTube after video is sold

Charlie and Harry’s father Howard Davies-Carr stated that they were one of the first embracing YouTube. The parent that expresses that children are 1 and 3 in the viral video Charlie Bit My Finger they share; Now NFT and Crypto coins also expressed what they want to be one of the first embraces.

Howard, who said that the expectations are not only money, announced that the original video will be deleted after the NFT. While saying that the content of the content will be given the right to revitalize the video; He also added that he was looking forward to meeting this person.

The first time we met in 2007, these viral siblings will bring the Charlie Bit My Finger on May 21 to the recipient. The NFT product will be sold via Ethereum.

Viral videos continue to attract attention on NFT

Digital art works are sold at the dazzling prices in the last months. In addition, this area is not only artistic qualities, but popular internet virals are also seen. One of these, Nyan Cat GIF was sold for $ 590 thousand. The phenomenon video at the Keyboard Cat published in 2007 has found the buyer from $ 64 thousand.

The most remarkable NFT sales of the recent periods was the photo of the disaster girl in Zoë Roth. The work met the owner for $ 500k.

What do you think Charlie Bit My Finger video can find the buyer from high figures in NFT? Remember to share your ideas with us.


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