Charles Melton will star in Netflix’s Love Hard


Nina Dobrev and Charles Melton will star in the new romantic comedy “Love Hard.” Both actors will leave the world of vampires and mysterious peoples behind to immerse themselves in a story that could be inspired by a real situation. The streaming platform continues to bet on love plots after the success of several of its releases.

According to the DeadLine portal, Nina Dobrev and Charles Melton will be the stars of “Love Hard.” There is no exact release date yet, but filming is expected to begin soon. This comedy will present one of the most dishonest deceptions in love.

“Love Hard” will portray the life of a girl who is unlucky in love, so she decides to use a dating app to meet her next boyfriend. In love and ready to surprise her new partner, the protagonist travels to the East Coast to spend Christmas with him; however she discovers that she is not who she claims to be.

To her misfortune, the boy of her dreams turns out to be someone else, shortly after discovering the person who cheated on her, who lives in the same city as her, they will make a deal in exchange for her to pose as his girlfriend to her family .

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The film is described as a film that will revive the classic films of the 80s, similar to “When Harry met Sally meets Roxanne.” Charles Melton rose to fame with her role in “Riverdale,” while Nina stole the hearts of fans as “Elena” in The Vampire Diaries.


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