Charles Barkley Called Kevin Durant a “bus driver” comments, and the NBA player Slammed Back


Any basketball fan who has seen Charles Barkley share his two cents about the current state of the game (or something else) probably knows that he is not shy about words. His straightforward and sometimes harsh approach may be interesting to those who watch him at home, but sometimes he annoys some people. More recently, Barkley called Kevin Durant, whom he had never seen in his eyes, drawing an analogy with a “bus driver.” But Durant could not leave the comments unanswered, as now he is being clapped back.

Just last week, the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant’s former team, defeated the Boston Celtics (who beat Durant’s Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs). Charles Barkley discussed Golden State’s victory during the Get Up program on ESPN, during which the conversation turned to Durant. Discussing the two-time NBA champion, Barkley stated that Durant will not receive the same level of respect as other great players until he becomes the “bus driver” of the championship team:

Kobe Bryant said: “I should have won the championship without Shaq.” LeBron James said: “I should have won the championship without [Dwayne] Wade and Chris Bosch. That’s how this thing works. Before KD gets that much respect from all the old heads, he needs to win the championship as a bus driver. Listen, he joined the team that has already won the championship, no disrespect, it’s just a fact. … KD is a hell of a player for all time, but until he becomes a champion, we will never give him the respect he probably deserves. The game has not changed. Kobe said it, LeBron said it, and therefore we will demand the same high standards from him.

Ever since Charles Barkley made the comments, sports fans have apparently been arguing whether they really deserve attention. NBA players also joined the discussion, including CJ McCollum, who defended Kevin Durant. However, Brooklyn Net had no problem voicing its opinion. The fan-favorite athlete shared on Twitter his response to the analogy, and, like Barkley, did not hold back:

All this shit is disgusting, another terrible analogy from an old hateful head who can’t accept the fact that we earn more bread than they do. It’s just time, Chucky, don’t hate the beach

Tell us how you really feel, KD. The former league MVP has long been praised and criticized throughout his brilliant career. While many consider him one of the greatest players in the game, some still disagree with some of his career decisions. As Inside the NBA analysts hint, one of the controversial moments was his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 and join the multifaceted Golden State team. Regardless, it’s worth mentioning that “Slim Reaper” was the most valuable player of the finals during each of these championship titles, so he put in more than his fair share of work.

Charles Barkley participated in some interesting situations, both with current players and with his contemporaries. A few months ago, Round Mound of Rebound applauded Scotty Pippen after the former Chicago Bull player shot Michael Jordan. The Philadelphia 76ers legend later shared his thoughts about Pippen, who once questioned his resilience.

It’s safe to say that this won’t be the last time Charles Barkley evaluates the career of an NBA superstar (or the last time Kevin Durant is grilled or criticized by anyone else). He and the Brooklyn Nets have a lot to prove in the upcoming season, and I will be one of many who are watching to see if he has really established himself as the team’s “bus driver”.

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