Charging restriction for iPhone 12 mini from Apple!


An interesting move came from Apple, which made an announcement for the iPhone 12 mini and the wireless charger named MagSafe. It was a matter of curiosity why this model, which hosts a battery of 2,227 mAh, was subject to a limitation on charging.

The US-based tech firm, operating since 1976, recommended combining a power supply and MagSafe before placing an iPhone on MagSafe. If you have placed your phone on MagSafe before this process, disconnect your device from MagSafe and wait for three seconds and then connect your wireless charger to a power source.

iPhone 12 mini will work differently with MagSafe

In a document published by Apple, it was stated that the model named iPhone 12 mini will be secured with a charging restriction. Accordingly, the smallest member of the iPhone 12 series can be charged with a maximum of 12W.

Other iPhone 12 models can be charged with a maximum of 15W. IPhone 12 mini users who want to take advantage of 12W of power need to use an adapter called USB-C. This adapter must be equipped with at least 9V / 2.03A infrastructure.

iPhone 12 mini MagSafe

External factors such as room temperature and software are also among the factors that can affect power transmission. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max trio must be powered by USB-C adapters that are at least 9V / 2.22A or at least 9V / 2.56A.

In the relevant document shared by Apple, it was said that if the EarPod and any iPhone 12 model were connected, MagSafe would reopen itself according to a 7.5 W (upper limit) charge transfer. Which is your favorite iPhone 12 model?


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