Charging case claims for second generation AirPods Pro


Apple may launch the next generation AirPods Pro and iPhone SE models in April of this year. This claim belongs to the Mac Otakara site. Although there are not many details about a new iPhone SE model, rumors about the next generation full wireless headset have been around for a while.

According to sources, we will see a new design for the charging case. The box is said to have a height of 46mm and a width of 54mm. According to the information received by Mac Otakara from Chinese sources, a new design will be presented for the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, which is expected in April 2021 and will come with the third generation iPhone SE. The thickness value of 21mm will be preserved, but the height and width values ​​given above will be valid.

The current charging case is 60mm wide and over 45mm high. As a result, the box of the new generation wireless headphones will be slightly smaller. This can be good news for anyone. Because many people want the AirPods Pro box to resemble the regular AirPods box in terms of size.

It is also among the expectations that the next generation Pro will come with a new design in which the handle parts are completely removed from the body. One report suggests that the headphones may come in two sizes, based on some leaked photos of possible components. Another news suggests that the AirPods Pro, which will be released in April, will be an AirPods Pro Lite version that will not have noise cancellation, rather than an update for the current headset.

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