Charger that can be attached to the phone from Mophie


Mophie is one of the oldest names in the battery accessories business for smartphones. However, it brings a new approach to options in this area with its latest product. Instead of a charging case that can only be used with a single phone, Juice Pack Connect allows the battery pack to be attached to the back of the phone thanks to its modular system. In this way, it charges the phone wirelessly.

This creative solution seems to have solved many of the problems with battery-powered cases or the more modern Qi-powered battery packs. Juice Pack Connect can work with any phone that supports wireless charging, not just a single device. The clamping mechanism also shows that Qi charging can be used anywhere. There is no need to use awkward solutions to hold the phone and charging mechanism together.

Additionally, Mophie’s system is modular. If the plug-in battery runs out, you can insert another Mophie battery pack and continue charging. In addition, there is a possibility of further expansion in the future. The phone holder stand offered by the company can be attached to the basic connection point when you are not charging. We think that other products to be released in the future will also benefit from the advantages of this installation.

The battery pack contains a 5000 mAh battery. This also includes a USB-C port and offers Qi charging support. Both can be used to charge Juice Pack Connect or to charge a second device. However, Mophie does not reveal the power output value that will help us understand the charging speed of Juice Pack Connect.

Mophie Juice Pack Connect has a price tag of $ 79.95. This price is high for a portable charger with 5000 mAh capacity. However, there is more to the technology and convenience than the battery capacity.


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