Charge your phone while riding the Black Horn or bike


There are many wearables that exist today to control our physical activity or training. However, many still prefer to use their smartphone to record or follow a set route when walking, running or cycling. Precisely, for lovers of cycling or mountain biking, a support has been designed that allows the mobile phone to be safely carried on the handlebar of the bicycle and that also has a powerful speaker and wireless charger.

A support that allows us to comfortably handle our phone while riding a bike and that also has a wireless charger. In this way, we can charge the mobile while we enjoy our favorite routes. The accessory has been baptized with the name of Black Horn and specially designed to be attached to the handlebar of the bicycle.

Support with speaker that allows you to charge your mobile while riding a bike

Among the main features of this stand, it stands out the grip or secure hold, the wireless charger, built-in 4,800 mAh battery and a powerful speaker, also wireless. It also has a USB Type-C input port and a USB output port on the back. Thus, it is possible to carry our mobile always visible to follow the established route, listen to music or calls through the loudspeaker and all this without having to worry about running out of battery in the mobile, since it allows us to charge it wirelessly while we ride a bike.

It has three fixing points and a non-slip pad so that our mobile is completely safe and does not fall, even on stony or bumpy terrain. This Black Horn mount is specially designed to be carried on the handlebar of the bicycle, but it can also be adapted to certain motorcycles or even scooters.

A product that has been launched through a crowfounding campaign on the popular Kickstarter site and is currently being offered in promotion with a discount of almost 35% while the campaign is active. The price is $ 149, but thanks to the promotion we can get it now for $ 99. In the event that the project reaches the established objective, it will begin to be sent to all those who make their reservation and contribution from next April.

You can access all the details of the Black Horn and the crowfounding campaign in this same link to Kickstarter or even reserve yours before the promotion ends.


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