How to charge your phone without a charger


OTG cables or adapters are alternatives to charge your phone without needing an outlet plug. Thinking about it, TechTudo prepared a tutorial that teaches how the procedure can be done with an OTG adapter. The walkthrough is the same in the case of using an OTG cable.

The tutorial was carried out with the Asus Zenfone 3 Max and served to load a Galaxy S10 Plus. It is worth remembering that the Asus cell phone has reverse charging, technology that is necessary for the process to work. The procedure also serves to replenish other Android phones and iPhone (iOS).

Step 1. First, it is necessary to have the OTG adapter or a cable of this type at hand. Then, you need to check if the ends (Lightning, micro USB, USB-C) are compatible with the phone. In addition, you will need the cable from the other phone without the plug.

Step 2. Then, connect the cell phone cable that comes connected to the outlet plug on the adapter or OTG cable.

Step 3. Then connect one of the cell phones to the end of the OTG cable or adapter.

Step 4. Now, plug the other phone into the remaining end of the cable and wait until the device compatible with the reverse charge technology begins to transfer charge.


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