Characters We Would Like To See In The Prequel To The CW Series


With the news about the Supernatural prequel capturing fan imaginations, having a character wish list is inevitable. Sam and Dean Winchester will not be the stars, but their parents, leading longtime viewers to examine Winchester’s bloodline and timelines.

Mary (Samantha Smith) and John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had a life before and after bringing Dean and Sam into the world, and it’s filled with love, hunting, family, and mayhem. With that in mind, here’s an idea of ​​who we’d like on the new TV show, and it would make a lot of sense.

Henry winchester

John Winchester did not grow up with his father close to him, but as he, Sam, and Dean later learned, it is because Henry Winchester was part of the Men of Letters. His exploits with the Legacy Gang led him to confront Abaddon, the demon who took him out and tried to kill Sam and Dean.

What if there is a way to show Henry’s part of the story while telling John’s? Although John began hunting after losing Mary, the Winchesters have an extensive history with the celestial and paranormal world. Angels, Men of Letters, Cain and Abel are part of that paternal line. And Henry Winchester is a big part of that.

Samuel Campbell

The children’s maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell, played a significant role in later seasons of Supernatural, and has had scenes with Sam, Dean, Mary, and John. At one point, viewers learned that Samuel’s grandfather knew the cure for vampirism. Samuel’s expert occult knowledge can easily fuel the stories of the new show, especially his legends about the almighty colt that could kill all but five things.

Bobby singer

Fans know that Bobby and John met at some point during Dean and Sam’s childhood, but did Mary know him too? Remember, the Campbells were hunters for hundreds of years, long before John appeared, and Mary knew life. It is possible that they also met a younger Bobby.

Archangel michael

OG fans know that Dean and other Winchesters before him were recipients for the Archangel Michael. But this angel also appeared around 1978 when Anna tried to kill John and Mary to prevent the apocalypse. How many interactions did she have with the Winchesters in her main timeline and others? Any version of Michael would be interesting.

Sam and dean

Do you remember the episode where Dean met his father in 1973? He’s the one who advised her to buy the Impala (like Dean Van Halen), and he’s been in the family ever since. Perhaps a quick cameo from John’s future children is a feasible option. After all, time travel is important to Mary and the Campbells, as well as the mysterious Men of Letters.