Character Error Causing All Apple Devices To Crash with a Single Message Detected

A character error has occurred that crashes iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices with a single string of text from any app. It is recommended to pay attention to the Italian flag and Sindhi characters until the problem is solved.

A new crash issue has occurred on all of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices. This crash issue through a simple message seems to be a problem for many Apple users. Apple users who received a message with the Italian flag and Sindhi characters reported that their devices had crashed.

We’ve seen Apple have crashes due to character errors before. This last crash issue is caused by character mismatch in the operating system. This message, which first appeared on Telegram and later spread to wider audiences on Twitter, caused many users to lock their devices, affecting not only the iOS operating system but also people using the MacOS operating system.

Attention for messages with the Italian flag with Sindhi characters
The Sindhi language spoken by the Indo-Aryan ethnic group in Pakistan and India, combined with Apple’s Italian flag emoji, causes the operating system to crash. Regardless of the application – WhatsApp, Telegram, internet browser, e-mail, etc. – in every application with text, this error, which crashes Apple operating systems if it is found in text format on your device, is said to have been fixed in the second beta version of iOS 13.4.5, but until the new version comes it is suggested that he should be more careful.

No matter how careful, this situation is a bit out of the users’ control. Even a message that you don’t know from may cause your devices to crash. If this happens, you need to put your device in DFU mode and restore it.

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The character mismatch issue has been experienced before
The character mismatch in Apple’s operating systems happened two years ago. In the error seen on iPhones with iOS 11.2.5, there was an incompatibility problem with Telugu characters belonging to the Indian language and the devices crashed. The company resolved this error within 1 week. Apple is expected to resolve this error as soon as possible.



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