Chanyeol reveals the hardest part about acting on The Box


The EXO singer and rapper said goodbye to fans in advance before enlisting in the South Korean military in late March.

Chanyeol and Jo Dal Hwan held a press conference where they discussed the movie ‘The Box’, EXO’s idol revealed the hardest part of his role in the production and said goodbye to EXO-L before formally entering the military service Korean.

The EXO member will hit screens with a new film titled ‘The Box,’ Chanyeol will play a young musician with a lot of passion for his work, but with stage fright that will make it harder for him to achieve his dreams in the entertainment industry. You’ll make it?

‘The Box’ will not only represent the long-awaited return to the cinema of the star, it will also release a solo album with the covers and originals of the official soundtrack of the production.

Chanyeol and Jo Dal Hwan recently held a press conference where they talked in depth about their chemistry on set and the acting challenges that came their way during filming. OMG!


One of the most difficult parts for Chanyeol was playing a character with a quiet and shy temperament, the ‘Yours’ interpreter explained that he is usually someone who talks a lot and acts fast, so it was a challenge to stay in his role and not talk so much. LOL!

He shared an anecdote from the recordings of ‘ The Box’ , when Jo Dal Hwan said his dialogues, the SM Entertainment idol had to look him directly in the eyes and he really wanted to talk, but he couldn’t.

After getting involved in the character I became much calmer and more serious in my common life

Chanyeol did not stop before the hard moments and thanked Jo Dal Hwan for giving him advice, holding interesting and comforting talks, after a few days of filming he felt very comfortable with his colleague.

 What do you think was Chanyeol’s favorite part in ‘ The Box ‘? The rapper commented that one of the similarities with his character is the great love they have for musical instruments, his approach was more than interesting and he became very involved in the musical production of the tape.

Although Chanyeol will enlist in the army at the end of March, he took advantage of the dynamics with the media and launched a farewell message prior to his military service, thanked everyone who made ‘ The Box’ possible, adding that he will return soon and in good health.


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