EXO rapper did this collaborative musical work with the famous producer mq.

‘ SLOW WALK ‘ is the new song by mq x Loey , which was published today on the YouTube platform on the NNG channel, the video has more than 83 thousand visits and 33 thousand likes.

As a description of the video you can read:

“This is Studio NNG’s second music video!

Hope you like! Thanks for looking, thanks for your support and comments.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and clips.”

The video that lasts more than two minutes, runs on a rooftop, where the two singers wear a cap, sweatshirt and a coat, the effects allow us to see as if they were walking on a planet full of buildings.

The producer mq is well known in the K-pop genre since he has made many songs and collaborations with Chanyeol , they are a duo where you can see the musical chemistry they have; the followers of both musicians showed their support in social networks with messages for their most recent musical work, with the hashtag # SlowWalk With LOEY .

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