Chanyeol releases emotional video of Nothin ‘, his new song


EXO-SC’s Chanyeol presents ‘Nothin’, song from album ‘1 Billion Views’ only. Park Chanyeol reveals MV track for ‘ Nothin ‘, song only for EXO-SC’s new album ‘1 Billion Views’.

Through the official channel EXO on YouTube , Chanyeol shared the music video official of the track ‘ Nothin ‘ a song in solo that specially composed to be part of the tracklist of the mini album of EXO-SC ‘1 Billion Views’ subunit.

‘ Nothin ‘ is a very sincere song , the MV of the Chanyeol melody is very interesting, as it shows the more emotional side of the rapper from the city of Eunpyeong Gu in Seoul, South Korea.

The clip of ‘ Nothin ‘ is set in different locations and constructions, the video attaches great importance to the colored lights and lighting of the spaces where the interpreter of ‘Tempo’ is located.

The lyrics of the song ‘ Nothin ‘ of Chanyeol talks about having no longer afraid to reflect his own being and will now concentrate all its forces continue to walk their own path without taking the criticism of others.

So far the clip has more than 462 million views, 191 likes and 30,000 comments from fans talking about Park Chanyeol’s creative, musical and production work .

The mention ‘ Chanyeol ‘ became a trend on different social networks, fans of the rapper from SM Entertainment expressed their love and first impressions of the MV and the song ‘ Nothin ‘.

The mini album ‘ 1 Billion Views’ subunit EXO – SC will be launched on July 13 at 6 pm Korean time, all tracks of the materials record of Park Chanyeol and Oh Sehun will be available on digital platforms.

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Look at the MV of ‘Nothin’ , the new song of Chanyeol :

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