Chanyeol reappears after his alleged ex-girlfriend controversy


The EXO member posted an apology post following the allegations from his alleged ex-girlfriend, EXO-L showed their unconditional support for the rapper.

After months of no interaction, EXO’s Chanyeol reappeared with a long letter dedicated to fans where he explained the reasons for his absence, EXO-L greeted him with cute love messages.

Months before the end of 2020, in online forums a girl published a story where she shared that she was Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend , supposedly the idol would have been unfaithful to her and revealed other details of the relationship.

Following the accusations, the EXO rapper did not make any official statement, did not interact on social media, the situation worried fans, and they used hashtags expressing that they missed him. It was until this February 24, 2021 that the interpreter of ‘TEMPO’ reappeared.

Through Lysn’s proforma , Chanyeol posted a long message dedicated to fans, he wished to apologize for causing unrest among the fandom and thanked the time they waited for him.


Chanyeol received the letters that netizens dedicated to him on his birthday, he confessed that he read all the messages and this caused him greater guilt, he defined it as a time when everything was out of control. He was again grateful for the love and support he received during the difficult days.

The EXO member thought of a strategy to protect EXO-L’s hearts and reward them with the love they offered him, commented that he will work harder not to disappoint them, and recalled the celebrations that fans held on EXO’s 9th anniversary .

I will do everything to never worry them again (…) I will make sure to protect the love they send me

Park Chanyeol ended the emotional post by saying goodbye to the fans and thanking them for the displays of solidarity.

On social media, EXO-L trembled the hashtag #WelcomeBackChanyeol, they used the mention to reaffirm their love for the EXO rapper , some thanked the words he gave them, and others were excited for his return. Could it be that the K-pop band is getting closer and closer to the comeback?


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