Chanyeol and Raiden release Yours, their new song


This collaboration also includes the participation of Lee Hi and Changmo, who give a special touch to the melody.

Producer Raiden joined Chanyeol for an emotional collaboration, presenting a romantic tune titled Yours , a song that also includes Lee Hi and Changmo to convey feelings about falling in love.

Raiden reported that after finishing the song, the first male voice he thought of to be a part of Yours was Chanyeol and we now know that the result of this union was great. Together, these artists present a melody that expresses different feelings about a relationship, but the cause of all of them is love.

Although the song describes a preoccupation with unfamiliarity about the future, it also talks about how the affection you feel for a special person can be a motivating force that helps anyone come out of the dark.

The melody speaks of a suffocating sensation caused by thoughts that complicate a person’s mind, but all of that disappears when you choose to listen to your heart and let your feelings come out, as you know that even if it is difficult to make a confession, It will be worth the risk for it.

To accompany the melody, we see different scenarios that travel from the play of light and shadow to bright colors such as blue and yellow. At the end of the clip, Chanyeol places a picture on the colorful wall, he does it on 4 different occasions where the background and the picture changes, so it could be interpreted as the way his love will last even if everything around him is modified.

Just as Chanyeol surprised EXO fans with this collaboration, they will soon hear from Baekhyun, who is gearing up for his next solo release .

Watch the Yours video below:


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