Chanyeol is in a relationship? This is what we know


Some netizens found evidence that Chanyeol has a girlfriend, but apparently it is something else. Maintaining a relationship with a K-pop idol is difficult, in addition to having to face an agenda with multiple activities and promotions, couples of Korean pop singers and rappers have to deal with the public.

Some fans have found clues that would indicate that some idols are dating or in a love relationship, such as a couple’s clothes, rings, matching bracelets or even similar images published on social networks.

‘Lovestagram’ is a term used for different activities within the Instagram app, one of them is that the couple share photos in similar locations and places that would indicate that they are dating.

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A social media user revealed that he had seen some very mysterious posts by EXO’s Chanyeol and another Instagram account, apparently the two accounts have photos in the same places and with the same shots.

Given the suspicions of this courtship, the Internet user wanted to express all him doubts with other people, several users clarified their doubts and apparently it is not a romantic relationship.

The ‘Lovestagram’ account is owned by Chanyeol’s manager, a person very close to all the EXO boys, fans of the band greatly appreciate the work of their representative, he is known for his charisma and personality.

Chanyeol and his manager have traveled together to tourist paradises such as: Budapest, Hawaii, Chile and Barcelona, ​​in addition to being very united by work, both maintain a solid friendship. Owww.

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