Chanyeol Invites EXO-L To Dream About Break Your Box


EXO’s Park Chanyeol released the official video for the song ‘Break Your Box’, the song was from the main soundtrack of the film ‘The Box’, which posted huge box office sales on its first day of release.

After months of waiting, EXO-L enjoyed the performance of Chanyeol in ‘ The Box ‘, the rapper and singer of EXO played Ji Hoon , a young musician with stage fright he will try to overcome their insecurities to shine as one of the industry grades.

Unable to perform in public to perform their songs, Ji Hoon and producer Min Soo created a plan in which the aspiring star had to get into a decorated cardboard box so as not to feel the stares of the spectators and to play with more confidence.

This situation inspired the song ‘ Break Your Box ‘, the main theme of the soundtrack of ‘ The Box ‘. One day after the film’s premiere, the SM Entertainment agency released the official MV for the track. What does the lyrics say?


Through SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel, EXO’s agency released the official MV for ‘ Break Your Box. ‘ The clip showed many special shots from the film combined with scenes of Chanyeol in the recording studio.

EXO-L not only enjoyed the artist’s voice , rapping or his performance as Ji Hoon in ‘ The Box’ , he was also able to see him very dedicated playing the electric guitar, he was so focused on playing the instrument that his passion led him to the ground. Owww!

An excerpt from Chanyeol’s ‘ Break Your Box’ reads:

Run away, spread your wings, fly so high until you reach the end of the sky. Break your box, it’s time to go out, break the pressure and try to burn it.

In addition to spoiling EXO fans with the official MV for ‘ Break Your Box’, Chanyeol shared the video for ‘Without You ‘, a cover of a very romantic and emotional song by Mariah Carey. This clip had a more intimate touch, in the middle of the recording studio and they added a black and white effect that gave a perfect touch to the sweet and captivating interpretation of the idol .

Chanyeol recently revealed which aspect matched him the most in his portrayal of Ji Hoon on ‘The Box ‘, what was the hardest part about acting in the music tape ?


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