Chanyeol EXO Starts The First Korean Movie ‘The Box’


Chanyeol EXO has been confirmed to star in his first film in South Korea.

On Thursday (30/07), the SM Entertainment agency confirmed that Chanyeol will star in the latest film titled ‘The Box’.

The agency stated, “Chanyeol has decided to star in the film ‘The Box’ and is currently in the process of working on it.”

‘The Box’ tells the story of someone who dreams of becoming a singer and a famous producer whose popularity has been lost. Together, the two will travel joy and sorrow in the music world.

The film will be directed by Yang Jung Woong, who had previously been an executive producer for the opening and closing appearance of the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Olympics’.

Not only plays the character as someone who aspires to become a singer, Chanyeol will also participate directly in the arrangement of songs he will sing in the film.

Although Chanyeol had previously starred in a Chinese film titled ‘So I Married My Anti-Fan’, this was the first South Korean widescreen film ever played by Chanyeol.

Filming the film ‘The Box’ is planned to begin soon in mid-August.


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