Chanyeol challenges EXO-L to the challenge of 1 Billion Views


Chanyeol wants you to dance to the beat of “1 Billion views”. EXO SC has already made its comeback and as part of the promotions, Chanyeol challenges you to the Challenge of “1 Billion views”.

The group’s subunit has sold more than 300 thousand copies in its first week of launch, so to celebrate the idols they created their own challenge, which you can share through social networks, we tell you all the details.

Through his Instagram account,Chanyeol made a live broadcastto celebrate EXO SC’s comeback. The MV for “1 Billion Views” has already managed to add more than 4 million views,how can you support the boys?

Social networks today have become essential for the promotion, support and dissemination of the music of your favorite artists, therefore,Chanyeol decided to carry out a tutorial to carry out the Challenge of 1 Billion Views, which consists of a series of movements made with the hands and the cell phone.

Some EXO-L asked for his help, because you must be agile and memorize the choreography step by step. The idol performed the challenge step by step at a slow speed so that you could see how you should move your hands and arms and in which direction so that you do not end up tangled like an octopus.

EXO-L appreciated their effort on social media, assuring that Chanyeol is really striving to teach them, something that motivates them even more to be able to perform the challenge and promote their song.

The idol shared some EXO-L challenges through their Instagram stories, thanking the support of their fans with their new album. Some have done it alone, with friends and have also published it on Tik Tok, one of the most viral apps of the moment.

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The vintage and retro concept of “1 Billions Views” is perfect for this summer. Did you already try?

Recently, the boys released their new album, EXO SC is the second subunit of the group and has had great success with their first 2 works, in addition, with this new release they demonstrated their talent as composers by working on some of the songs.


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