Channing Tatum teases with his new dance in “Super Mike 3”


Channing Tatum is teasing his new dance for “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” Directed by Steven Soderbergh, “Super Mike” solidified Tatum as a Hollywood icon after the actor’s breakthrough role in the 2006 film “Step Forward.” Released in 2012, the movie “Super Mike”, based on Tatum’s real-life experience as a stripper in Florida, spawned a sequel to the movie “Super Mike XXL”. “Super Mike XXL” with the participation of the star cast turned out to be the last entry for the titled exotic dancer. However, last year Tatum announced that he would be returning in the movie “Super Mike 3,” officially titled “Super Mike’s Last Dance.”

So far, several details have been revealed about “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” The film, which is scheduled to air on HBO Max, will show Mike in a relationship as he moves on to the next stage of his life. Now Tatum is teasing with a scene in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” which will be the first in the stormy franchise. In an interview with ET, he said that the film will feature Magic Mike performing an intimate one-on-one lap dance, which has never been in the franchise before. Tatum says he has a “pretty crazy dance opening the movie,” and also teases the splash zone for the water dance episode in the movie. Check out his full quote below:

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You’ve seen me dance on stage, but you’ve never seen me give an intimate, straight one-on-one lap dance. It will definitely be in the third. I have a pretty crazy dance that opens the movie. We start it at a pretty strong level, and then, at the end, I can perform a version of the water dance in the show. There’s a screensaver in the movie, so it’s real.

Directed by Soderbergh again, Magic’s “Mike’s Last Dance” is marked by Tatum’s swan song as the titular stripper, and it’s no surprise that the third film will offer epic dance scenes, homage to the first two films, and plenty of heart. Of course, the recipient of the expected private dance “Super Mike” may be the unknown main role of Salma Hayek. Despite this, Tatum seems ready to do his best for “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.”