Channing Tatum has finally released information about his cameo opposite Brad Pitt in a bullet train


Spoilers for the bullet train ahead!

It’s become the norm that if you’re going to watch a David Leitch movie, you should expect some massive celebrity cameo from the list of the best. When Brad Pitt appeared for 0.2 seconds in “Deadpool 2” and Ryan Reynolds appeared in “Hobbs and the Show,” viewers wondered who would appear in the star-studded ensemble of the bullet train. By a happy coincidence, it turns out that Channing Tatum was a big surprise waiting on the train, and he finally reached out to him.

Playing an aptly named train passenger, Channing Tatum enters the film when Brad Pitt’s character Ladybug asks him if he would mind wearing a bucket hat to distract one of the killers trying to kill him. This poor passenger was just trying to read a book, and as Tatum wrote in his Instagram post, the trip became “a little weird.”

The cameo consists of Ladyboy offering Channing Tatum’s character $200 to distract the killers looking for him. Tatum is much less concerned about the danger of the situation and instead asks if it’s all about “sex.” In Channing Tatum’s message that he is reading his book, @bulletttrainmovie referred to the nature of his cameo, commenting:

Train rides are great for reading… and other things 😏

The cameo added audacity to the film, and Channing Tatum added even more humor to an already funny movie. The role was reminiscent of an unexpected appearance in the Ryan Reynolds movie “Free Guy”, where he plays the avatar of an adult stay-at-home child in a video game. This suggests that Channing Tatum can give pleasure, even if he is shooting a movie for only a couple of minutes.

At least for me, Channing Tatum’s cameo was one of my favorite moments on a bullet train. He knocked the audience and the killers out of rhythm. For those of us who have seen The Lost City, its appearance has also created a very funny connection between the two films.

After David Leitch and Brad Pitt teamed up in Deadpool 2, they both set about creating a bullet train. One aspect of Deadpool that Pitt really liked was the cameos. Brad Pitt explained that he really liked Channing Tatum’s cameo, especially since he had a cameo role in Tatum’s film “The Lost City” as Fabio trying to help Tatum save Sandra Bullock.

In “The Lost City,” released earlier this year and now in the Paramount+ film library, the main role is played by Bullock, who also appears in the bullet train as curator Brad Pitt. Cameos are everywhere!

“High-speed Train” became the leader of the box office in the first weekend and made the audience think about all the funny surprises that jumped in and out of the crazy train cars. It also supports a fun cameo cycle in movies starring Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock and/or Ryan Reynolds, and it will be interesting to see how they mix and match up further.


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