Channing Tatum Claims He Undresses Better Than JLo From Hustlers and His Co-Star in The Movie “Super Mike”


As for strippers, Channing Tatum is considered the best of the best. His well-known striptease days to fame served as a source of inspiration for the “Super Mike” franchise. Since many stars appear in exotic dance films, Tatum has some authority on this issue. The star of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” finally expressed his opinion about other strippers, saying that they are better than Jennifer Lopez from Hustlers and one of his colleagues from the movie “Super Mike”.

The famous Hollywood actor defended his stripper skills by participating in the episode “Lie Detector” of Vanity Fair magazine. His days as an exotic dancer to fame were on display, as seen in the blockbuster stripper franchise. When asked if he was a better stripper than his “Super Mike” co-star Joe Manganiello, Tatum had no problem telling the publication he was a better dancer before praising Manganiello’s Greek god-like physique.

100%. We are different, different classes of strippers. When you look in the dictionary next to the perfect male specimen, Joe Manganiello is probably one of those bodies that pops up because he’s just, he’s kind of strangely flawless. But as for striptease, I would put myself, I would put myself above him in terms of dance.

In the previous “Super Mike” films, different styles of colleagues were demonstrated. Channing Tatum’s experience as a stripper allowed him to perfect his technique and movements before acting in films. On the other hand, Joe Manganiello gave the impression of a guy with good seduction techniques and athleticism, given his experience in three sports. As Tatum pointed out, they belong to two different classes. Of course, dancing skills only played a role in the attractiveness of the franchise, as the first two films received huge box office success from both critics and viewers.

Soon after, the conversation turned from “Super Mike” to another striptease-themed movie: “Strippers.” Fans saw Jennifer Lopez flaunt her striptease skills in the movie (and at the Super Bowl). Despite the fact that both actors started out as background dancers, Tatum couldn’t resist saying that his striptease skills are superior to J.Lo.

Am I a better stripper than her? I’ll say yes. I would go even harder if I undressed in front of her. I’m just saying I’ll take this to J.Lo’s front door.

It’s not enough for Channing Tatum to even face the legendary J.Lo to retract his claims. Soon the matter turned into a conversation about who would win in the undressing. Tatum was harsh in his statements, saying he would do everything possible if Hollywood stars had to come face to face, even if J.Lo surpassed him. He mentioned that his success might depend on the audience, but the “Lost City” star still liked his chances.

Viewers will have the opportunity to see Channing Tatum demonstrate his dancing skills again when the movie “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” appears in theaters on February 10. Viewers may miss Mike Lane during his last goodbye, but they won’t miss Tatum for long, because the thriller “Pussy Island” and the Apple TV+ movie “Project Artemis” are on the horizon.

In the meantime, you can catch the first Magic Mike with an active HBO Max subscription. You can watch “Super Mike XXL” by renting or buying a sequel with an Amazon Prime Video subscription.


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