Chani clasps the candidates who harassed her!


In the last episodes of Angels 12 broadcast on NRJ12, Chani and Illan admit to having slept together. A statement that bombed the house and the young woman was the victim of harassment.

Chani is therefore currently in turmoil in Angels 12. Indeed, the young woman has had several sexual relations with Illan, the boyfriend of her best friend in the adventure, Yumee. Sofiane unveiled the bomb during a breakfast and all the Angels went after the candidates.

Faced with their rather shameful behavior, some candidates therefore apologize. In particular Sarah Lopez who had a rather borderline attitude. In an Instagram post she apologized. “Sorry if I hurt people in my life. Excuse me. We are not perfect. But it is with our mistakes that we learn and bounce back (…) ”


But Chani still hasn’t come back under pressure. The young woman has just posted a new story on Instagram and is strongly attacking the many candidates who have harassed her.

“I couldn’t watch them, I was so pissed off! I stopped when I went to apologize to Yumee and Oceane asked me to shut up. In all of their apology messages, they say they don’t recognize each other. This is not their first TV … It’s too easy! If the internet hadn’t been against you, you would never have given me the time! I have pity on you, ”Chani then declares.

“What I did, I took responsibility for it and my image is better than this relentlessness! Illan, no one is confusing him when he’s more at fault than me. I have always said that I was a butterfly, it was not a solid love affair with Virgil, but friendship ++, not like the two … The others said to themselves: ‘She, that gonna be our prey! ‘I’m the youngest in the house. You can be ashamed! I was insulted and had to apologize after what I just read on my mirror, it’s disgusting! “


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