Changing social media content with Covid-19: 4-hour car journey from Audi


This project, which the brand describes as a slow TV journey, takes viewers on a trip in the South East Australia Region.

The car brand Audi has released a four-hour relaxing video to help people who have been in the quarantine process for a while. This project, which the brand describes as a slow TV journey, gives viewers a virtual car journey experience. While watching the video, you go on a trip in the South East Australia Region with the sounds of birds and nature heard in the background.

In these difficult times, Audi Australia Customer and Marketing Manager Nikki Warburton stated that they want to move Australia’s iconic long journeys to people’s house in an innovative way.

In the film prepared by Audi and We Are Social Australia, the journey is made with the Audi A6 Sedan. Luke Bouchier from Finch was the director of the journey that you sometimes follow from the inside of the vehicle and from the outside of the vehicle.

More than one camera angle is used in the movie so that viewers can feel themselves in the car. Let’s add that the movie is working with composer John Hassell for background music. Hassell recorded the music in his studio in Marseille, where he was under quarantine.

When you are tired of being between the four walls, you can take a 4-hour journey in Australia by visiting Audi’s YouTube channel. If you get bored with one straightness in this video experience, you can also change the location inside the vehicle and watch the journey from the windshield or the rear seat.

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In this extraordinary period when we are under quarantine globally, this content prepared by Auidi captures its target audience from the heart.


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