CHANGING SIDES? Princess Eugenie, Who Claimed to Be Close to Meghan Markle, Expressed Her Gratitude to Kate Middleton


The documentary series about Harry and Meghan really showed the dynamics of many relationships between the royal family. The six-part sensation made it clear that the days of maintaining a healthy Sussex relationship with the Palace are limited. However, it also showed which of them is still standing next to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. One of them was Princess Eugenie, the younger cousin of Harry and William. However, others were a recent development of her relationship with Kate Middleton.

Remaining completely unaffected by the same, or as they portrayed, the Windsors united on the occasion of Christmas. The main senior members were joined by Prince Andre and his daughter Princess Eugenie, as well as son-in-law Jack Brooksbank. However, according to The Daily Express, the public was struck by Princess Eugenie and her opposite actions.

Princess Eugenie thanked Kate Middleton for appearing with Meghan Markle in the documentary series

After the publication of the documentary series, the public clearly understood which side Mrs. Brooksbank was on. However, the celebration of the Christmas concert in Westminster Abbey pointed to something else. On the eve of the 15th, the princess turned to her Instagram page, saying: “It was an honor for me to celebrate Her Majesty’s life together with the wife of the Princess of Wales Carol for Christmas.” In the post, she also uploaded a photo of her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, who laughs and smiles with the children who attended the event.

 Unfortunately, when you are a member of the royal family, you can never exist in the gray zone. After the incident, the public raised a lot of questions, demanding the princess’s side. While many saw it as an act of support for Wales, others said she was the only member of the royal family who was on good terms with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry. The Netflix bigwigs scenes also feature scenes in which the princess plays with her niece Archie on the beaches.

When it was over, everyone agreed that Princess Eugenie was more supportive of Meghan Markle than Kate Middleton. Nevertheless, the recent “Christmas Carol” has called into question the previous statements. Posting a photo of the Princess of Wales after she confirmed her best friendship with Meghan Markle did not please many royal viewers.

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