Changing hands! System Shock 3 is now developed by Tencent


In 2015, we had confirmation from the developer OtherSide Entertainment that players would have the opportunity to officially receive a continuation of the classic “System Shock” that had its last version presented in 1999, thus generating the interest especially of those who enjoy survival games and horror.

Some time later, in 2019, the developer revealed a teaser and later a more complete trailer, thus allowing to know a little more about the continuity of the game coming from the 1990s, called System Shock 3.

However, yesterday we had the appearance of another page in the history of the continuity of the franchise, having been confirmed by OtherSide that now it is under the tutelage of another developer, the Chinese Tencent, thus giving new hope to those who wish to see the game effectively. coming to PCs.

We are pleased to announce that Tencent will take the System Shock franchise forward. As a smaller independent studio, it had been a challenge for us to carry out the project on our own. We believe that Tencent’s deep resources and experience as a leading gaming company will take the franchise to new heights.

One aspect that was not made clear in the statement published on its website by OtherSide is whether Tencent Games will choose to continue the project made by the previous developer or if it will start production “from scratch”, something that can partly be considered possible even more considering the quote that the change of hands “will bring the franchise to new heights”.

Another point that can be mentioned here is that Nightdive Studios (the original developer of the franchise) confirmed the maintenance of property rights, with only the licensing that was previously in the hands of OtherSide being transferred to Tencent.


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