Changing Encanto’s perspective would destroy the magic of the film


Disney’s Encanto tells the story of Mirabelle and the Madrigals, but changing the perspective could change the magical moments of the film. Mirabelle Madrigal (Stephanie Beatrice) is perhaps the most determined member of the Madrigal family. Many Madrigals receive magical gifts that they use to improve their community. For example, Louise (Jessica Darrow) is able to lift donkeys and move churches. However, Mirabelle does not receive a special gift. Although the lack of magic harms her relationship with Abuela Alma (Maria Cecilia Botero and Olga Meredice), Mirabelle doesn’t let anything stop her from finding out why her family may be losing their strength.

Encanto underwent several changes before the final film. Disney’s Art of Encanto reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets of the film, showing that some characters could be very different. For example, Isabela (Diane Guerrero) once had a love interest, although Disney eventually cut the character from the film. In addition, Pepa Madrigal (Carolina Gaitan) once possessed a completely different power that made the character invulnerable. However, the filmmakers changed this because it was too similar to Louise’s gift.

Link:¬†Why Mirabelle’s Tragic Gift Shortage at Encanto was Inevitable

Madrigals are undoubtedly magical in Encanto, but another movie change could change that. Deputy production designer Lorelei Beauvais explains in Art of Encanto that there was almost a change of perspective between Mirabelle and Abuela Alma in the film. According to Beauvais, the film almost played with the colors of the world around Mirabelle to show how her emotions affected her. But that will change in the third act. “Mirabelle would stop telling, and the ending would be from Abuela’s point of view, where everything would look more realistic and photographic,” Bove said. Ultimately, Disney and the Encanto filmmakers didn’t go down this path because it was too distracting, and this move may have saved the magic of the film.

Encanto was right to choose escapism over realism

Encanto’s escapism is a big part of his success. The audience fell in love with Mirabelle, her family, their magical home and the city in which they live. The family and the city in Encanto feel that they can really exist somewhere, magic and all that. If the film had been more realistic, it could have removed some of the escapism. Worse, it could potentially devalue Mirabelle’s point of view, showing that her fantastic ideas about her family’s powers have no roots in reality. By switching to a more realistic look, the incredibly successful Disney “Encanto” could get rid of the escapism and magic that charmed viewers all over the world.

However, there is a chance that changing the perspective could have worked. Art of Encanto does not explicitly state that realism in changing perspective will change the magic of the film. So changing the point of view could potentially add to the story by simply showing things in a new light thanks to Abuela Alma’s point of view. Although the film tries to show Alma’s point of view at the end of Dos Oruguitas, changing the perspective could make Alma more attractive. In the end, the filmmakers made Encanto exactly what it was supposed to be, which is already quite magical.


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