Changes in WhatsApp: the new section ‘Read later’


One of the most useful for many users, the WhatsApp Archive Chat function allows you to hide a conversation from the Chats tab and access it again whenever you want, allowing the app to organize conversations with your contacts however you want . A smooth way to ignore someone without having to get to the point of lockdown for sure.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

The problem was that when you received a new message in that particular chat that you had archived, the conversation would leave the archive and go back to the active chats list, so if you wanted to remove it from this you had to archive it again. And so on constantly.

The new Vacation mode comes to replace this, since once activated in Options -it is removed by default-, the ‘Vacation Mode’ prevents a chat that we have archived from going out again if it receives a new message, keeping that conversation in the archive without leaving until the user decides. Vacation mode, which is based on Silent mode, also works for WhatsApp groups – what a blessing.

How the new Vacation mode works

How does it work? Once you have the function available in your WhatsApp, you will see that the archived chats will move to the top of the conversation list under the same heading: ‘Archived chats’. If you touch this option you will be able to enter and see all the listed conversations that you decided to archive, and also another tab called ‘Notifications’: Here you have 2 different options:

– Notify new messages: Activated by default so that you know who writes you even if you have it archived, if you decide to deactivate this function, you will be activating the Vacation mode, so archived chats will continue to remain in the archive when new messages arrive and not you will find out.

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– Automatically hide inactive chats: it is an extension of vacation mode. When enabled, if a chat is older than 6 months, it will be automatically archived.

WhatsApp: Read later

WhatsApp will replace what is currently known as archived chats by the ‘Read Later’ section. It has been in the new beta for the Android ‘app’ v. where we have seen this new change, in which archived chats have been renamed ‘read later’, in order to avoid interruptions, as reported the experts at WABetainfo.

For this, the messaging service will not show any notification of new messages while the chat remains in this section. This mode, still in development, can be activated or deactivated manually in the configuration section. When will Vacation mode arrive? Well, it seems that like the Dark Mode / Dark Mode, it is going to be prayed for.


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