Changes in TikTok, how do they affect you?


Although it has been hitting hard for a while, the truth is that 2020 has been the year in which the social network TikTok has hit the table. Quarantines and confinement in much of the world seems to have been one of the reasons why many users have started to use the social network and today it is undoubtedly among the most popular.

Now, one of the main problems surrounding the social network is that a large majority of active users are minors. Remember that TikTok allows you to create an account from the age of 13. Certain security experts say that the regulations of the social network are not too strict for younger users to have access to certain content.

Default private accounts and other settings on TikTok for teens

The same happens with the type of accounts of these young people, since, unless they themselves or their parents configure their accounts as private, everyone could see their contents without any problem. To do this, it is necessary to go to the privacy options and configure the account as private. In this way, only your followers will be able to see what you post.

Well, with the arrival of the new year TikTok has decided to take action on the matter and is updating the application and the privacy settings of the app to restrict certain functions to younger users. But perhaps the most important decision that the social network has made is to make the accounts of those users who are minors private by default.

That is, at the time of creating an account on TikTok, if the user is between 13 and 15 years old, her account will be private by default. It will no longer be necessary to go to the privacy settings to prevent any user from having access to the content of these accounts. This change will apply to both new and existing accounts that meet these conditions.

It is not the only change, since the default configuration for comments made by these types of accounts is also being modified, leaving only the option to configure as friends or nobody. The way of interacting with the videos of other users will also be controlled by the social network for the accounts of young people under 15 years of age, since other users will no longer be able to download or mix these videos through the functions offered by the app.

In the case of those accounts of young people between 16 and 17 years old, the option to mix videos will be available but only between friends within the social network. Without a doubt, these are important measures that try to protect minors in the use of these types of applications.


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