Changes in PlayStation trophy system in detail


How Sony plans to make changes to its trophy scoring scale will affect you. Sony is imminently changing the scale and the way it measures trophy scale for Playstation users with an active account. Tonight (in North America) and tomorrow (in Europe), the system will scale so that players have future goals for the next generation.

The biggest and most visible change will be in the trophy scale level, which will go from 1-100 to 1-999. To determine how it will affect the level of each one, one of the levels will be automatically assigned based on the trophies obtained. Those who are now at level 12, will have 200 and little, depending on the number and level of trophies obtained. Of course, there will be no change in the trophies already achieved or the conditions for achieving them will be altered.

A new scale

Another change is a new structure to calculate levels in a more optimized way, in which players will go up the first levels more quickly and all players will go up in a more personalized way. Platinum Trophies will count more towards progressing through the levels, so their value will increase. The categories will be Bronze (from 1 to 299), Silver (from 300 to 599), Gold (from 600 to 998) and Platinum for those players who reach level 999, with icons that will mark how close we are to the next level.

Of course, the system will be implemented on all Sony consoles where the trophies are displayed, in addition to the PS App and My Playstation. A set-up for a new generation that will begin for Sony on November 12 in Japan and North America and on November 19 in Spain and Europe, with the launch of a PS5 of which we have already seen what its interior is like.

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