How to Change Your Registered Email Address on Instagram?


Instagram, the most widely used social media platform today, allows you to easily change your email address. Let us tell you how to change your registered email address.

It is very important to ensure the security of our social media accounts. However, this security is not in the hands of social media platforms, but in your hands. If your account falls into the wrong hands, you are not responsible for what will happen. Therefore, even if you have any doubt about your account, you should take your security.

One way to secure your social account is to change the email address where your account is registered. Instagram, which is one of the most used social media platforms today, has also simplified the request for e-mail change. Let’s explain how you can change your Instagram email:

How to change an email registered to Instagram?
There are two ways to change our registered email on Instagram: first on our mobile devices and second on our computer. We’re going to tell you both.

Change email from your mobile device:
You can easily change your Instagram email from your iOS or Android devices. To change your email from your mobile device, follow these steps:

Login to Instagram
Go to your profile and press Düzenle Edit Profile ’.
Click on the page that says ‘Email Address’.
Delete your old e-mail in front of you and type a new one.
Then press the tick at the top right of the screen.
Change your email from your computer:
Changing email from your computer is as easy as changing email from your mobile devices. You can make an email change from your computer by following these steps:

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Go to and log in.
Click the profile icon at the top right of the screen.
Press Düzenle Edit Profile ’.
Delete your e-mail in the ‘E-mail’ section of the page and replace it with a new one.
Touch ‘Send at the bottom of the page.
Your email will be updated after following all steps. Let me remind you once again that if you have observed or suspect suspicious activity in your account, start taking action before it is too late. Remember to update not only your email address, but your account password.


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