How to Change PSN Region? (PlayStation 4)


Different PSN regions have different contents. In order to reach the desired content, you need to be logged in to a PSN account of the right region. So how to change PSN region to do this?

There are some situations where users of PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts are divided into different regions, which are seen as a problem by users. One of these situations is that not all content is available in all regions. For example, while there are many more RPG games in the Japan region, many more broadcast services are available in the US region.

One of the solutions that PlayStation users bring to this problem is to use multiple PSN accounts registered in more than one region. This method, which has been preferred for a long time, also has disadvantages. If you wish, let us first explain how the process is done and then talk about the disadvantages so that you can make your own decision.

How to change PSN region?
Go to the address here,
Press the “Start” button,
Enter an email address that is not used in another account,
Press “Next” and select the region you want,
Don’t forget to verify your account after the process is over,
Open a new user on your PlayStation console,
Associate the account you just opened with this user,

When asked for the postal code, you can enter any postal code of the region you choose.
Unfortunately, you do not have a chance to change the region of your current PSN account. So you have to open a new account to change the region. However, opening a new PSN account takes a very short time. If you have a question while signing up, you can check our article about what you need to do to open a PSN account by clicking here.

One of the questions people think of when opening their PSN account in a different region is how to pay on the PS Store. Because only transactions with bank accounts opened in the region where the account is registered can be processed on PlayStation Store. Now, if you wish, let’s answer this question.

How to pay from a PSN account opened in another region?
Since, after opening a PSN account in a different region than you live, your bank or credit card cannot be processed, there is an obligation to use PlayStation gift cards instead. However, it is necessary to purchase gift cards for the currency used in the selected region. For example, if you open your PSN account for the US region, the gift card you will use must be loaded in dollars.

After getting the gift card, all you have to do is press the code entry option on the PS Store home page, located below. It is possible to add the balance to the account by entering the code on the gift card on the screen that opens later. After activating the gift card, you can exchange games on the PS Store and get a PSN Plus membership.

We explained how to open a PSN account for a different region. However, while describing this process, let’s also explain the troubles you may encounter so that you make the choice by knowing everything you need to know when making your decision.

The disadvantages of opening a PSN account in another region:
There are regional restrictions in the additional packages of the games:
If you have an idea to buy additional packages of the games you purchase through your other accounts from the PSN account you have opened for another region, unfortunately, keep in mind that such a thing is not possible.

Likewise, after purchasing an additional package through an account outside of the region where the games you bought can be used, the region restriction of that additional package is activated. This is one of the disadvantages that should be kept in mind.

The language of some games is automatically adjusted according to the region:
It is possible to change the language settings of most games from the in-game menus. However, there are some that are automatically adjusted according to the region. For example, the game purchased through an account from the US region can only be played in English.

As we said, in most games this setting can be changed by users, within the game. However, games that cannot be changed are definitely a disadvantage. While the number of games that have been released with the support of Turkish language is minority, and not having a game in Turkish even though it has this support, it may prevent some users from opening a registered PSN account in another region.

Is it legal to open a PSN account from a different region?
A short and clear answer: Yes, it is legal. There is nothing illegal about using a PSN account registered in a different region. Unless you enter a fake address for your card’s billing, there is nothing that makes it illegal. In the past, this was the way to go as a solution since many countries did not have their own PlayStation Store.

It is even possible to find people in the forums saying that Sony has received advice from their customer service in this direction to solve some problems. So there is no doubt about it for now. In the future, if Sony decides otherwise, it will already announce to the world.


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