Change mobile wallpaper every hour with the app


The personalization of the mobile is one of the aspects that make a smartphone ours. From the screen theme to the icons, the apps, the fonts, the Dark mode when night falls, the notification sounds, the melody of the incoming call … We have been personalizing the mobile for 20 years. And systems like Android allow those changes to be maximum.

Change the wallpaper

Changing the wallpaper of the mobile is something simple to do. It is enough to use a photo that you have in the gallery -or you can download it from the Internet in an instant-, and set it as a wallpaper on the Home screen or on the lock screen. But the problem is that if you want to change to another background image, you have to set another image as wallpaper. And if you are one of the people who likes to change things often, then it is a bit frustrating.

For this reason, we propose the following app, Wallpaper Changer, an Android application that allows you to put the amount of photos you want so that they rotate automatically, allowing you to change the wallpaper of your smartphone effortlessly.

Wallpaper Changer

The thing is simple: once you download and install the app, you can proceed to the quick programming process:

The first thing is to go to the middle tab in the app’s hub, the one that says ‘Albums’. Click on the empty box and you will go to a blank window with a ‘+’ icon in the lower left corner. Press it and find an image, photo, drawing, etc. When you have added it, press ‘+’ again to add another one. You can also add a folder at once.
Once you have the images you want for the wallpaper, go to the Settings tab: there you have to decide how you want the image to look (to fill the entire screen, to fit), the size, if you want a random order for change, etc.
Then you go to the Change tab, in which you have to program the parameters: You can choose that the funds change every certain number of hours, that they change manually if you click twice on the Home window of the mobile.
If you click on the ‘+’ icon in Change, you will access a more exact programming sub-menu, in which you can adjust the exact time and exact day you want the wallpaper to rotate, if you want it to change from one album to another, if you want the background to change when you are in an exact place.
There is another option, when you enter Albums, which is to create several different background albums, but to use it you must purchase the Premium version of the app. And although it is certainly cheap, the options that the free version brings are enough if all you want is to have a single folder of funds rotating.


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