Change in Pre-Arrangement Feature Planned in Fornite


The pre-editing feature in Epic Games’ popular game Fortnite is a feature that many players have complained about. It looks like Fortnite is also planning some changes to this feature.

The pre-editing feature in Fornite, which is among the most popular ‘battle royale’ games, allows games to edit their structures before placing them on the map. Players are looking for the answer to how this feature, which they do not use much, can be turned off.

There was even a new development regarding this feature, which was requested by some players to be completely removed from Fortnite. A developer recently announced that they are planning to do something about this topic.

When will this change in pre-regulation come?

In the FortniteCompetitive subreddit on Reddit, an Epic Games employee answered the question of how many people want to turn off pre-editing, saying “We don’t have a precise timeline, but we will.” So although there will be a change in this feature, it is not yet clear when it can be used by players for now.

However, this answer given by the Epic Games employee does not seem to satisfy Fortnite players. In addition, the lack of answers to the questions of whether this feature will be turned off completely or will offer players an option to turn it off does not eliminate the question marks in the minds of the players.

It is stated that since Fortnite is a very fast-paced game, the pre-arrangement feature can leave players in a difficult situation in an instant. When it comes to turning off this feature, it is estimated that it will be left to the selection of the players. In other words, players who want to turn off this feature can play by closing it, while players who want to play this way will be able to continue that way. Well, what do you think about this feature? Do you think it should be removed completely or should there be an option that anyone can remove?

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