Change of focus! Nikon will prioritize mirrorless and SLR cameras soon


With the camera market down, Nikon plans to shift its industry priority to mirrorless and SLR models. According to data from BCN Retail, these were segments with difficulties for the Japanese manufacturer to operate.

The marketing division of the company, in an interview with the French website Phototrend, said it understood that mirrorless will start to gain more and more importance, but without a complete transition for them.

For the company, DSLR will not disappear. They would offer some advantages to users, in addition to a broad portfolio of lenses, due to the long-term market of the Nikon F line.

On the other hand, the brand also intends to expand the catalog of mirrorless cameras and their compatible lenses – with Z mount. One of the Japanese company’s intentions is to launch products that can compete with rivals Lumix S1H, EOS R6 and EOS R5. That is, with models that are not only intended for photos, but also have video quality.

In the same segment, other solutions in APS-C or DX formats – also mirrorless – are expected to be presented soon. They should target amateur photographers, who do not have the money for large investments in more complete equipment.

It is worth remembering that, in this pandemic period of the new coronavirus, Nikon even released photo video classes for free in the last month of April.

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