Change that Facilitates One-Handed Use of Facebook on Android


Facebook continues to improve the user experience of its mobile application. With the new update, the interface of Facebook’s Android application has been improved to make it easier for users to use it with one hand.

Facebook doesn’t hesitate to make bold updates in the design of the Android app. The company is able to resort to radical changes, especially to improve the user experience and facilitate one-handed use.

At the beginning of this year, Facebook, which has switched to a tabbed news flow interface for easier access to the Recent and Viewed Posts section in the news feed, has now been released an update that will allow the application to be used especially on large screen phones.

With the new update released to the Facebook Android app, tabs like Home, Friends, Market and Notifications appear to be placed at the bottom of the screen. Moving the tabs to the bottom of the screen will make it easier for users to use the app with one hand.

Screenshots shared by Facebook users on social media apps show that the update is not a test. However, we did not find any change in our own tests. Probably Facebook is gradually introducing the interface change regionally. You can check if the update has reached you in the Play Store.

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