Chanel Lipscanner will find colors with artificial intelligence


When it comes to artificial intelligence technology, many people think of things like driverless cars or autonomous robots. However, artificial intelligence also touches different parts of daily life. Chanel gives one of the examples of this touch with the Lipscanner application.

Although it seems easy for women to learn the color and code of a lipstick on someone else’s lip, it can sometimes be a difficult task. Chanel is putting artificial intelligence into play here. The Lipscanner app scans someone else’s lip or any color anywhere, showing the appropriate color and lipstick in Chanel’s scale.

Chanel is not the first cosmetics manufacturer to develop an application for detecting lipstick colors. Previously, YSL had also developed a system called Perso and helped determine the correct lipstick color. This system also allows the printing of colors.

Chanel Lipscanner also gives you the opportunity to try the resulting lipstick virtually. Previously, there was a virtual make-up option in the applications of brands such as Sephora and Benefit. In short, Lipscanner looks like a slightly more advanced version of past apps. It is published for iOS in the first place.


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