Chanel and Lesa react to Giselle Bryant’s RHODubai Shading


Chanel Ayan and Leza Milan responded to Giselle Bryant’s questionable remarks about the debut season of The Real Housewives of Dubai. As the newest franchise of The Real Housewives, the cast in Dubai has found itself at the mercy of picky viewers who want to see if the new cast has what it takes to become a new fan favorite. The ladies recently went to war with Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after the veteran housewife apparently shadowed the new franchise on social media. Now, after discussing their feud with Lisa, another housewife from another franchise has thrown her hat into the ring, downplaying the significance of the new show.

In the United Arab Emirates, everything is different. The cast of RHODubai can cast a shadow like any other franchise. But ladies still have to comply with UAE rules that prohibit them from drinking and arguing in public. A recent episode featured a heated exchange between Caroline Brooks and Sarah Al Madani at Caroline Stanbury’s engagement party, where producers intervened to calm the ladies down. Since Caroline Stanbury’s wedding took place on the street, Caroline Brooks and Sarah were not allowed to exchange loud curses in public. Local law may be the reason that the new franchise is in no hurry to participate in memorable showdowns that usually attract viewers.

After receiving a shadow from RHOBH star Lisa Rinna, the cast of RHODubai gets the heat from “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Giselle Bryant. After learning that Giselle agreed to watch only “one and a half” episodes of the new franchise, Chanel and Leza clapped their hands to the veteran housewife. “I don’t agree with that, no matter how much I respect Giselle,” Chanel said today. “But Lesa and I are literally holding the show.” But Lesa returned the shadow, telling Giselle that “she really knows best, and girl, worry about your fashion first before you worry about us.”

Gisele recently turned to her podcast Reasonably Shady to offer her take on the newest franchise. It was the show’s guest, Carlos King, who threw the first stone, calling the new line-up “The Real Housewives of Buh-bye” because of how much, in his opinion, they “studied” the previous shows in the franchise, which complicated it. “for the former “Real Housewives” producer to “get into them because I don’t think they’re on their own.” Giselle shared Carlos’ feelings, but for different reasons. “I’ve only seen one, maybe one and a half episodes,” Giselle admitted, before praising the “model girl” for being, in her opinion, the only outstanding participant in the show. “I feel like she’s at least interesting to watch.” Giselle said of Chanel, “Others are [like] drying paint.”

This is the latest unreasonable shade that the “Real Housewives of Dubai” received from a fellow housewife. All the free advertising could help the new franchise. RHODubai airs on the same night as RHOBH, and benefits from attracting fans of “Real Housewives” who can arrange a two-hour petty feud. First Lisa, and now Giselle and Carlos speak negatively about the new housewives. But, apparently, Chanel and Leza keep their franchise and make it clear to the rest of the housewives that they are serious.


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