Challenge’s Jenna Compono is Pregnant, Expecting Baby #2 with Husband Zach Nichols


Kids back to back! Less than a year after Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols had their first child, they are ready to increase their brood.

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“I was ecstatic, extremely excited and overjoyed,” the 34—year-old graduate of The Challenge told E! News on Sunday, June 12, that his 29-year-old wife is pregnant. “I want my children to be about the same age as my brothers and sisters. It’s like having a built-in best friend.”

He noted that they got pregnant quickly, joking: “The only bad thing is that it happened again on the first try. I was trying to get a little more action.”

Meanwhile, Jenna said she really wants to expand their brood. “I come from a big family and I feel confident and comfortable with two children,” she added. “I already want the third one, but I don’t have the second one yet!”

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Zack and Jenna first met during the filming of the movie “Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” before they started dating. After a temporary romance, the couple reconciled in 2016 before getting engaged in December 2019. They tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in March 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic, less than a month after announcing they were expecting their first marriage. kid.

“Well, Zach saw him in front of me when he was holding my leg and watching him come out,” Jenna exclusively told Us Weekly about the birth of son Anthony in September 2021. “But when they put him on my chest and we both saw him, it was amazing. We have created this charming little life. It’s really the best feeling. We haven’t put him to sleep yet; we’re completely obsessed.”

Then she added: “We’re looking forward to bringing Anthony home and just having fun being parents. Zach is very practical, and I can honestly say that I haven’t changed a single diaper yet. He continues to impress me every day, and you can easily see that being a father was so natural for him. We are very happy to see Anthony and apologize for the fact that Instagram will be flooded!”

The former MTV personalities continued to share Anthony’s milestones on social media while planning their dream wedding ceremony earlier this year.

“It was worth the wait,” Jenna recalled to Us in April about their wedding that same month. “This is something that you can really only do once, so I wanted everything to be as I imagined it, and thanks to my organizer, Kristin from Eventful Days, our wedding exceeded my expectations. …Knowing that we were already married made it less stressful and more ambitious—everyone was excited, happy and ready to party!”

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She continued, “This wedding was special for me because it was held in my home state and most of my friends and relatives were able to attend it. I’ve always wanted a crazy lavish wedding, so it was great to be able to host such an important event in my life at home.”

During the second pregnancy of the graduate of The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines, she told E! The news that she had been feeling fine so far.

“I continue my daily life and can go to the gym, which makes me happy,” Jenna said. “I feel like my body knows what to do this time, and I’m better prepared for how this journey will go during pregnancy. Much less miracles and questions, that’s for sure!”