Chainsaw: What is Mail?


The following article contains spoilers for the manga “The Man with the Chainsaw”, the reader is advised to be careful.

The upcoming anime “The Man with the Chainsaw” is full of both human and non-human secondary characters, however none of them is as close to the main character as Pochita. Literally. Pochita sacrificed his body to become Denji’s heart to save him in the first chapter, saving Denji’s life and giving him new powers.

“The Man with the Chainsaw” tells the story of Denji, who is forced to lead a life of killing devils in order to pay off Yakuza debts. To do this, he uses his own pet devil named Pochita. However, after making a deal between the devils and the Yakuza, Denji is killed by the devil. His faithful pet Pochita merges with Denji to save him, subsequently endowing him with Denji’s chainsaw-like abilities. After seeing his abilities, he is offered a job at the Public Security Bureau to destroy the very devils he has been fighting for so long. However, Pochita is something more than his little pug appearance at the beginning of the series. He serves more of a purpose than the heart of Denji, and is one of the most unique devils in the series. The following is a study of Pochit and what role he plays in the series.

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Who is the devil in the universe of a Man with a Chainsaw?

Devils are supernatural beings from Hell. All devils who die in hell end up in the human world, and devils who die in the human world are reborn in hell. They feed on human blood and often have powerful and often strange abilities. Pochita, for example, used to be a devil with a chainsaw, having abilities that gave him chainsaws as body parts with which he could dissect enemies. Devils can make contracts with people, giving them powers in exchange for something.

Devils can also take over a human corpse, as in the case of a character’s Power. When the devil does this, he is considered a fiend. Although Denji’s circumstances are a little more unique, in most cases he is considered a hybrid or a demon. If the corpse’s brain is still intact, the demon will retain part or most of the person’s personality until his death and is usually not as strong as the devil he contracted with.

How did Denji save Pochita, and how did Pochita save Denji

After the battle with the devils, he was injured to such an extent that his form turned into a small dog form, in which the audience meets the Pochita for the first time. While Denji was crying at his father’s grave, Pochita found him and at first reacted with his usual aggression towards a person. However, Pochita is physically weak and falls, unable to stay upright any longer. Denji offers to Pochita his blood, knowing that devils can be cured by human blood, and saves Pochita. Now Pochita feels indebted to Denji, and this is his motivation for the events of the first chapter.

In the first chapter of the manga, the Yakuza sends Denji for what he believes is his usual game of killing devils in exchange for paying off his dead father’s Yakuza debt, but instead he falls into a trap that the Yakuza set for him once. it is no longer needed. When Denji is about to die, Pochita offers herself to Denji and becomes his heart to keep Denji alive. It also gives Denji the powers he once had as a devil with a chainsaw, giving Denji what he needs to get out of the Yakuza trap.

Pochit’s violent and infamous past

However, the history of the Post did not begin there. Although this is explained much later in the manga, Pochita used to be afraid of devils in the world, he was often called the Devil that devils fear the most. He was able to kill hundreds of demons at a time unharmed, being considered the most powerful devil among the Primordial Devils.

However, it was during the battle between the Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils, and he was severely wounded and barely alive. It was then that he became the little dog form in which we first see the Pochita. However, since Denji has taken away his power and even his signature chainsaw sticking out of his head and replacing his forearms, those who used to be afraid of the Devil’s wrath with a chainsaw will find out and as a result are afraid of Denji. Even Makima, who is incredibly strong in the universe, considers herself to be below the devil’s form of Honor.


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