Chainlink (LINK) Whales Increase Position


The potential rise of Chainlink (LINK) stands at $ 11, but the increase in buying pressure will be decisive for this hurdle.

Chainlink is currently trading below a critical resistance level. Failing to pass this resistance level can be disastrous for the cryptocurrency. Because market participants will probably ignite FOMO if this level is not exceeded.

Critical Resistance in Front of Chainlink

Chainlink has remained in a bearish trend for the past two months, and since the beginning of September, the 50-day moving average has stood as an obstacle to the start of the potential rise of the coin. Since then, LINK has faced a significant rejection every time it approached the stated resistance level.

Over the past week, LINK bulls have tried to cross the 50-day moving average several times, but unfortunately they have not been successful. Also, the increase in selling pressure continues to push the coin towards the $ 8 level, the 200-day moving average.

According to data provided by IntoTheBlock, there were approximately 30 million LINK sales between $ 10 and $ 10.4. Such a significant trade wave may hinder the decline of cryptocurrency, but with the break of the barrier, it is inevitable that LINK will drop to $ 8.

About 7,000 addresses cost 20 million LINK between $ 10.7 and $ 11. Therefore, a daily candlestick close above this price range may distort the bearish outlook and lead to a breakout.

The Whales Continue to Buy

Investors, popularly known as “whales” and investing millions of dollars in Chainlink, continued to increase their positions last week. According to data provided by Santiment, there has been an increase in the number of addresses holding 10,000 to 100,000 LINK in their wallets since October 15, and about 49 new honeys have joined the network. This shows a 1.7% increase in the total number of whales.

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Given Chainlink’s growing buying pressure, much attention should be paid to the overall resistance and underlying support. A daily candlestick above $ 11 or below $ 10 will determine which direction the coin will break.


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