Chainlink (LINK) Moves: Price Soars Again


Popular cryptocurrency Chainlink (LINK) started to gain in value again after declining to $ 15. For LINK, which took action with the DeFi industry, the price started to rise again. LINK has surpassed $ 17, according to CoinGecko data, and some analysts think LINK could gain even more value.

Traded at $ 4.5 in July, LINK hit the $ 20 limit in mid-August and made many investors laugh. Although LINK eased a little after that and dropped to $ 15, it has started to move up again for now.

Zeus Capital’s Efforts Continue

The investment firm Zeus Capital started war against Chainlink on August 2 and warned investors against LINK. Zeus Capital, which made its last warning this week, warned people of a possible decrease in the LINK price.

Zeus Capital team; LINK thinks that the price has risen only due to manipulative activities and that there is no tangible success behind this rise. Company; He advises people not to be fooled by the rise in LINK price and to get away from LINK before it’s too late.

Rising Despite Efforts

Although Zeus Capital continues its anti-LINK rhetoric in its fight against LINK Marinas, the Chainlink community continues to grow. The price of LINK, which started to rise with the action of DeFi projects such as, has now exceeded the $ 17 threshold.

An analyst named Michael van de Poppe, who we know as Crypto Michael on social media, thinks that the rise in Chainlink price may continue for a while. Posting a LINK graphic on his Twitter account today, Michael; He said that LINK continues to test the resistance level. Emphasizing the importance of the $ 17 level, the famous analyst announced that $ 19 can be tested if this level is maintained. While sharing the chart below, Michael added that if it falls below $ 17, the next target could be $ 15.

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