Chainlink Brings Innovation to Digital Contracts


Chainlink, with its partnerships and adaptations, continues at full speed. With another project, he joined the oracles solutions of the blockchain agnostic platform.

Blockchain-based e-document solution FirmaChain said it has integrated Chainlink to support the digital contract signing process, according to the announcement Thursday.

Chainlink Oracle Network Included in FirmaChain

Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that makes real world information available for blockchain platforms, will allow FirmaChain users to check whether certain terms and conditions of a contract are reliably met.

By extending the functionality of this contract to a great extent, from a static contract; It turns it into a dynamic contract that can understand what’s happening in the outside world and perform automated actions based on this information.

“Chainlink nodes have credential management capabilities that allow them to process login credentials. This is a necessary function to allow the contract to connect to allowed data sets behind paywalls and / or credential entries. ”

FirmaChain said that Chainlink provides a technical framework that develops “strong usability and security guarantees” using decentralized ‘multiple secure oracles’ (nodes)’ and the collection of high quality data sources to prevent any point of failure in external distribution.

FirmaChain CEO Youngin Yoon said the following about integration:

“Providing a perfect customer experience is our number one priority. Our focus is on seeking reliable methods that will enable FirmaChain to successfully bring off-chain data into our in-chain solution. ”

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Yoon added that the Chainlink integration will support the firm’s services as well as bringing “high quality, based on real world data” dynamic contracts.


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