Chaeyoung From fromis_9 Burst Into Tears After Malicious Comments During a Live Broadcast


K-pop idols like to broadcast live, giving them the opportunity to share with fans by communicating with them directly.

It only happens that some malicious Internet users join the chat and leave malicious comments that can harm the idols.

On January 17, Chaeyoung from fromis_9 held a live broadcast, having a great time with the fans.

However, netizens started making disgusting comments about idol and fellow idol Baek Jiheon. The Internet user made verbal attacks of a sexual nature and even insulted parents.

Chaeyoung tried her best to ignore these comments, but no one can stand still seeing such words.

Chaeyoung couldn’t hold back or hold back the tears.

Apparently, this is not the first time that this network user leaves such comments to an idol. He had even threatened her before.

“Even after fromis_9 breaks up and you stop being a celebrity, I will track you down and continue to bother you. Don’t think about running away. – malicious internet user

Fans who saw this expressed concern about the idol and sharply criticized the malicious commentators:

  • “This goes beyond malicious comments. They seem mentally ill. “
  • “I heard they signed up for the app using their Google account, so they can’t even be sued.”
  • “Why doesn’t the app keep track of cats? “
  • “It’s cruel. She just turned 19.”

We hope that a solution will be found to protect idols from such comments on the air.


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