Chaewon de LE SSERAFIM Paired With a Rapper? The Agency Responds and Internet Users React


Celebrity relationship rumors are mostly fake, but this can be a problem when they are created by the media.

On January 18, the Japanese media “Shukan Bunshun”, which can be compared to “Dispatch” in South Korea, announced that Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM is in a relationship with former rapper A, showing a photo as proof.

Chaewon de LE SSERAFIM en couple avec un rappeur? L'agence répond et les internautes réagissent

On the same day, a representative of the music agency Source Music LE SSERAFIM said: “The rumors about Kim Chaewon’s relationship are not true. “putting an end to these rumors.

Moreover, many fans were quick to prove that the photo was wrong by comparing it with another photo of Chaewon and his colleague Sakura.


In addition, shortly after the publication of the article and HYBE’s statement, the former rapper in the photo denied the accusations.

Rapper A: “That’s really not true. »

Netizen: “But they said they would post 7 images per hour.”

Rapper A: “Who did this? The photo has been edited. »

Netizen: “I think the article says so. Is it edited? »

Rapper A: “Yes, I’m a regular fan. This is Japan, so…

Internet user: “This is crazy. So do you agree that they are fake? »

Rapper A: “I can’t contact anyone. »

Korean netizens criticized the Japanese edition and ridiculed the dating claims. Many said they were ashamed of the publication, whose article went viral around the world.

  • “I’m so ashamed of them. “
  • “Did they make all this fuss over fake edited photos? If it was me, I would have closed the store out of resentment. “
  • ” (Chaewon) should sue them for damages. Go!”
  • “What a pity. What do they do with retouched photos? I CAN’T LAUGH. Are they trying to be funny? “
  • “WTF does Shukan Bunshun? I was so nervous that a revealing photo might be published, but it’s just an edited selfie. Wow, lol. I don’t have the words. “
  • “What the fuck, lol.”
  • “Wow, is this edited? LOL, are they trying to be funny? I CAN’T LAUGH. “

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