Chadwick Boseman’s last message before he died


Chadwick Boseman shared a motivating message to his friends that will remain engraved in his heart because he was one of the last ones he sent.

Chadwick Boseman’s departure caught many fans of the South Carolina-born actor by surprise. Despite this, everyone remembers him for his talent and the great person he was, which is why one of his last messages has gained a very special value after his death.

Actor Josh Gad used his social media to remember Chadwick, who was his friend and a partner in the industry. In addition to saying goodbye to the actor who brought Black Panter to life in the Marvel tapes, Josh referred to Chadwick as an incredible person who never stopped helping and giving to others.

Following that, Josh Gad shared some screenshots of a text message that Chadwick Boseman sent him, referring to them as one of the final texts he received from his friend.

The text written by the actor who also participated in films like New York without exit, sends a message of reflection that will motivate you to enjoy every moment of your life, therefore, Josh decided to share it with others so that they take the same learning.

The message is titled ‘Catch the Rain’ and throughout the text, Chadwick Boseman talks about the difficulties that may be affecting the mood of some people, including the rainy weather and the current quarantine. However, once the weather began to improve, Chadwick encouraged others to get out and breathe fresh air, observe the environment and enjoy it.

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Breathe in and out of the moment, and thank God for the unique beauties and wonders of this day. We should seize every moment we can to enjoy the simplicity of God’s creation, whether in clear skies and sunshine or overcast with darkness. And hey, if the air is so clear right now, and it’s raining tomorrow, you might even get out jars and containers and collect the rain.

With this message, Chadwick Boseman has made his followers reflect on how important it is to enjoy each moment, since even in difficulties you can find aspects from which to learn and that will be rewarded.


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