Chadwick Boseman’s grand gesture to help his partner


Chadwick Boseman has shown us time and time again how amazing he was and now, we are still learning about the brilliant things he did to help out in Hollywood. Like giving up part of her salary for 21 Bridges to help combat the gender pay gap when she found out her co-star Sienna Miller was making less than he was.

Miller played Detective Frankie Burns and shared that Boseman, who was a producer on the project, was instrumental in getting her to sign up in the first place and he really wanted her for the role because he’d been a fan of her work.

According to some sources, Boseman went as far as to make sure Miller took on the role and offered some of her own salary to make sure she was paid fairly to join the project.

“Chadwick ended up donating part of his salary to get me to the number I had asked for. He said that was what I deserved to get paid.”

What all this says about Chadwick Boseman is that he was a man who cared for those who he thought had the talent and the will to bring a story to life. He fought for Sienna Miller to participate in this project because he thought he was the best for the role.

He consistently showed us all that he was one of the best among us and hearing these stories helps fans cope.

For many of us, losing Chadwick Boseman was losing a hero and not just the hero he helped bring life on screen. He was an amazing man and hopefully his legacy lives on through stories like this, showing that he fought for everyone and wanted to bring beautiful stories to life.

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