Chad Johnson compared one quarterback to Patrick Mahomes


Alika Jenner / Getty Images

Every year there is at least one quarterback in the NFL who shows a special talent. For former NFL receiver Chad Johnson, one quarterback is comparable to Patrick Mahomes.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Johnson stated that New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson “looks a lot like Patrick Mahomes.” He said he has become a fan of Wilson and believes he will “thrive.”

“Zach is very good,” Johnson said. “He has the ‘it’ factor—very similar to Patrick Mahomes. I’m not saying he’s Patrick Mahomes, but you look at his mechanics, his throws, the way he moves, he’s very similar to Patrick Mahomes. So I became a fan… Zach Wilson will thrive; he will thrive in New York…”

Wilson didn’t really distinguish himself as a rookie, making only nine touchdowns with 13 interceptions. But Johnson believes that the improved supporting cast that the Jets have surrounded Wilson with will make it easier for him.

“I always say this when it comes to young quarterbacks: the better the supporting cast, the easier their job becomes when the responsibility for doing the work lies not only with him.”

Zach Wilson is currently in the bottom quarter of the quarterback league according to multiple NFL analysts. But the Jets have done everything in their power to build a team around him and maximize his potential.

Planes don’t necessarily need Wilson to be Patrick Mahomes. But they’ve been waiting for a real quarterback for 50 years.

If Wilson can’t run a breakthrough campaign in 2022, then most likely he’s just not right for the team.


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