Cha Eun Woo wants new challenges as an actor and break stereotypes

The ASTRO idol and drama actor wants to break the stereotypes of his characters and show that he is capable of working with various genres.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo is ready to face new challenges in his acting career following the success of “True Beauty,” the idol shared his goals and aspirations.

The K-pop group the Fantagio agency is ready to make his first comeback of 2021 , the Idols prepare for their new album and Eunwoo retake the stage after his most popular drama, but also want to explore other facets of his career.

Through various interviews with the OSEN, Sports DongA and HeraldPOP media, Cha Eun Woo spoke about his experience in drama and the character of “True Beauty”, even though he had the support of AROHA and his fellow ASTRO members., the idol wants to prove himself as an actor and is willing to face various challenges that break the stereotypes of being just a pretty face.

The idol’s acting career has well-known titles such as “ My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,” “Top Management,” and “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryun,” among others. The doramas the merged their musical activities ASTRO, also is considered beautiful because of his small face, a feature much envied in Korea, but he wants to end these prejudices about himself.


Cha Eun Woo admitted that the “True Beauty” project put a lot of pressure on him due to the resemblance to his character “Suho” and the webtoon, in addition, they had to embody the essence of the original story in the drama , but despite that He also managed to experiment with new genres of acting, which motivated him to want to play roles other than the typical handsome and popular boy.

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The ASTRO idol thinks he’s under a stereotype of being pretty, he’s very confident in his acting skills, and he ‘s ready to approve of new things in the future, He has a lot of potential that he has not yet been able to show and considers that there are facets that will break with that idea that he can only play certain characters.


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He also spoke about the opportunity to live moments that he lost due to his time as a trainee, he did not enjoy school as he would have liked, but thanks to “True Beauty” he shared the school environment, but he is open to genres such as comedy, action and music. terror.

AROHA praised his participation as “Suho,” and they shared their thoughts on his evolution as an actor. Among his aspirations is also the idea of ​​marriage, although not at this time or near future, butEun Woo participated in the program “Master in the House”, the idol cried at the idea of ​​a couple that is happy forever and changed his perspective on love.

In addition to successfully ending his drama “True Beauty” and preparing for ASTRO’s upcoming comeback, Eun Woo surprised AROHA with his massive makeover for GQ Korea.



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